Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for all the inquiries! We tried to answer all the questions but just in case we didn’t, here are some frequently asked questions:
1) Are the gingerbread masjid kits on sale? Yes they are smile emoticon
2) How much are the kits? $15 a kit
3) Where to buy a gingerbread masjid?
4) Do we ship out of the U.S? At the moment, No
5) Where do we ship from? Lawrence, Kansas
6) Allergen information: Butter, eggs, flour, spices, sugar, molasses
7) What comes in a kit? 4 gingerbread walls, 5 mini gingerbread men, 3 crescents, 5 pouches of candies, one icing bag
8) Does the kit come with instructions? Yes they do smile emoticon
9) How soon soon do orders ship? Orders are processed as soon as the invoice is paid. Due to high demand we ship out kits on Wednesdays an Saturdays.
10) Can I get my kit by Eid time? Last day for Eid day orders will be July 9th.
11) What is secubit? Secubit (pronounced: suh-choo-bit) is Indonesian for “a pinch of”.
12) Once shipped, what is the eta? We mail the goodies using Priority Mail, it should take 1 – 3 business days. In shaa Allah.
13) Is the gingerbread masjid edible? Yes it is, and it tastes yummy! smile emoticon
14) is there an option for bulk shipping? We currently have an option for a pack of 4 kits that ships for $13.99
15) Will the gingerbread stay fresh during shipment? In shaa Allah! We have packed the yummy pieces of gingerbread in a zip lock bag to keep the freshness intact.
16) How long can a built gingerbread masjid be left out on display before it gets hard and inedible? Generally speaking gingerbread lasts a long time. As of 6/30/15 we have a 5 day old gingerbread that is still yummy smile emoticon

If the answer to your question is not available above please feel free to ask in the comment section. Thank you!

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