Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for all the inquiries! We tried to answer all the questions but just in case we didn’t, here are some frequently asked questions:

  • Are the gingerbread masjid kits on sale? We will be accepting orders SOON!
  •  How much are the kits? $ TBD
  • Do we ship out of the U.S? At the moment, No
  • Where do we ship from? Lawrence, Kansas
  • Allergen information: Butter, eggs, flour, spices, sugar, molasses
  • What comes in a Gingerbread Masjid kit? 4 gingerbread walls, 5 mini gingerbread men, 1 crescent, sprinkles, one icing bag
  • What comes in a Jr. Gingerbread Masjid Kit? 3 walls, 1 gingerbread men, 1 crescent, sprinkles, one icing bag
  •  Does the kit come with instructions? Yes they do 🙂 
  •   What is secubit? Secubit (pronounced: suh-choo-bit) is Indonesian/ Malysian  for “a pinch of”.
  •  Once shipped, what is the eta? We mail the goodies using Priority Mail, it should take 1 – 3 business days. In shaa Allah.
  • Is the gingerbread masjid edible? Yes it is, and it tastes yummy! 🙂
  • Will the gingerbread stay fresh during shipment? In shaa Allah! We have packed the yummy pieces of gingerbread in wax paper and wrapped them in bubble wraps. 
  • How long can a built gingerbread masjid be left out on display before it gets hard and inedible? Generally speaking gingerbread lasts a long time. As of 6/30/15 we have a 5 day old gingerbread that is still yummy 🙂 

If the answer to your question is not available above please feel free to email us at: secubitbakery@gmail.com